A number of informative videos for techniques and some of the products listed below, are available HERE.


Capture & Cascade: Nature is beautiful but harsh. The Capture/Cascade system is specifically designed to protect exterior logs against weather and exposure. Capture Log Stain is an elastomeric coating that flexes with log movement, permitting the bridging of small cracks in the surface of the wood, thus ultimately providing a shield for the underlying wood. Follow your Capture Log Stain with Sashco’s Cascade: a clear weather-repellent topcoat. This two-part water-based system is extremely effective in protecting logs from the elements and from damaging UV light, providing an attractive finish that is very long-lasting and durable.

Transformation Siding & Trim Stain (formerly High Sierra) was formulated for ease of application without sacrificing beauty or performance. It can be used for interiors as well as exteriors. Its unique blend of water and acrylic-modified alkyd resins provides a stain that’s very easy to apply, with water clean-up, and a superb color portfolio. The cured coating is both stunningly beautiful and durable, resisting UV degradation, moisture and oxidation. The high quality trans-oxide pigments enhance the beauty of the grain while protecting the wood. This two coat stain system is peel- resistant and easy to maintain.

Transformation Deck & Fence Stain: This new, beautiful translucent finish highlights wood grain, leaving a matte sheen. This alkyd dispersion, one or two coat stain does not peel- it erodes over time instead. It is easy to apply and to maintain, there is no removal necessary for maintenance and it cleans up with water.

Transformation Log & Timber Stain: This beautiful, translucent finish will transform the appearance of exterior logs and vertical woodwork from dull and lifeless to rich and brilliant. Oil-based and easy to apply, Transformation has ultra water- repellency and extreme UV protection. It has been tested for compatibility over a wide range of stains. When it is time to transform eroded and failing stain, Transformation is the perfect choice.

Symphony: When applied to bare or stained wood, Symphony‘s clear, non-yellowing formula enhances the logs’ natural grain. It is water-based, with no offensive odor, and is easily applied. Symphony, in gloss or satin, is the beautiful way to protect the natural elegance of interior logs.

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